On-site training in Turkey — NDT of rails with the ultrasonic double rail trolley UDS2-73

In the early summer of 2020, a customer from Turkey purchased from OKOndt GROUP ultrasonic equipment for rails testing — a hand-pushed trolley UDS2-73. In August, our experts keeping all the safety measures came to the customer to provide training, demonstrating all the extensive functionality of the flaw detector. During practice, the UDS2-73 detected flaws not only on the running surface, but also in the welded joints. OKOndt's specialists carried out several practical sessions, one of which took place at night, so that the customer's technical staff can learn to use the ultrasonic flaw detector in an effective manner at any period of the day.

International Conference Nondestructive Testing and Monitoring of Technical Condition — 2020

The sea city of Odessa, in still warm and lovely September, hosted the international conference entitled Nondestructive Testing and Monitoring of Technical Condition — 2020, the General sponsor of which was UkrSRINDT that makes part of OKOndt Group. The organizers took a very responsible approach to planning the event, providing its participants with the necessary safety measures. This allowed to hold the Forum at a high level, in accordance with the planned program, as well as arrange the Exhibition of NDT equipment at which, among others, multipurpose flaw detectors Sonocon B and BL, Eddycon C and CL, automated aircraft wheels testing System SmartScan, rail testing trolleys UDS2-77 and UDS2-73 were represented.

On-site training organized by OKOndt GROUP in Italy — November 2019

When supplying NDT equipment to the foreign customers, OKOndt GROUP also provides a training services at the customer's territory so that local specialists understand all the peculiarities and can use all the functionality of the device. In November 2019, OKOndt's experts arranged such a trip to Italy — to show the technical personnel of the customer's company how effective ultrasonic single rail flaw detector UDS2-77 can detect rail flaws. A «Tandem» sounding scheme implemented in this trolley allows also to detect flaws in the side faces of the rail head thus making the testing much more effective.

Picture of OKOndt GROUP specialists with ASNT President Scott Cargill during ASNT Annual Conference and Exhibition – 2019

OKOndt is a permanent participant of numerous American nondestructive testing forums. At the ASNT Annual Conference, our specialists represented the company for the sixth time in a row demonstrating to the exhibition participants and visitors manual and mechanized NDT equipment - amongst which the ultrasonic single rail flaw detector UDS2-77 was also featured - which is one of our sales leader. ASNT-19 was very fruitful for OKOndt Group. We not only met a lot of potential partners and customers but also organized and held the seminar for the forum participants at which a special attention was paid to the NDT of railroad.

Automated aircraft wheel testing system SMARTSCAN-FA set to operation in South Korea

SMARTSCAN-FA – it’s a unique eddy current system intended for aircraft wheel testing, one of the latest developments of OKOndt GROUP’s engineers. Naval Logistics Command R.O.K. purchased the equipment, it was supplied to the Customer, then our specialists provided commissioning works and training. The client performs wheels testing on a daily basis and automated eddy current system greatly facilitates their NDT operator's work giving them confidence not to miss a single defect.

Seminar for the US customer – operational training on OKOndt GROUP rail testing equipment – UDS2-77 and the USR-01 set

September 2019 was a very eventful month for OKOndt GROUP. After participation in Railway Interchange-2019, the specialists of our company went to Miami where they held a practical seminar for OKOndt client. The aim of the seminar was to teach Gonzales & Sons' employees how to operate the USR-01 kit and UT single rail trolley UDS2-77 – NDT devices which American company had purchased from OKOndt GROUP before. The workshop lasted for several days, attendees got few opportunities to watch expert’s actions then tried to operate flaw detectors by themselves. The training went well. Technical staff of Gonzales & Sons studied functionality of both devices. They expressed confidence that they will be able to conduct nondestructive testing of railways successfully.

Über OKOndt GROUP™

OKOndt GROUP™ ist eine Unternehmensgruppe mit mehr als 25 Jahren Erfahrung in der Forschung, Entwicklung und Herstellung von ZfP-Produkten für Industriekunden auf der ganzen Welt, die ein hohes Maß an Sicherheit, Qualität und Zuverlässigkeit in ihren Betrieben anstreben.